4, 5 & 6 December 2020 


Venue: T.H.E Dance Company Studio,

90 Goodman Rd, Goodman Arts Centre Blk M, #01-54,

Singapore 439053.

It's been almost a year - the last time we performed to a live audience was for PheNoumenon (2019) in December at the Esplanade Theatre Studio. As most performing artists and theatre-goers would concur, the qualities of live performances cannot be replicated through virtual screens. For performers like us who thrive on the energy of our audiences, having to go without the presence of live spectators for such a long time due to the ongoing pandemic has left us anxious to meet with all of you again.

Now that venues are cautiously opening up, we eagerly invite you to join us in an intimate experimental sharing at our very own home studio in Goodman Arts Centre.

Heads up - Everyone is not a regular T.H.E dance production. This production was our playground to pick our brains and hearts, experiment, reflect and respond to current events of our ever-changing world. More importantly, it allows us to connect with each other physically and emotionally in the same space and time.

Creation is collaboration and in this experimental production, the Company will be trying out a different way of creation-making, than what we are used to. Just as we are living through an evolving pandemic situation, we believe the creation process constantly evolves. In Everyone, we sought a collective approach towards constructing a dance work, blurring the lines between the Director, Choreographer, Dance Artists, Company Administration and Management Team and Designers. While Sound and Technical consultants facilitated this collaborative process, there was no clear demarcation of roles. The intimate studio sharing that you will be a part of is a group creation, owned by all involved, collectively.

We will not spill more beans, we look forward to seeing you at the sharing.