Livestream (Youtube)

Post-show Q&A (Zoom)

13 & 14 Nov, 8pm

Launched in 2012, liTHE is an annual showcase by T.H.E Second Company featuring the diverse backgrounds, bodies and perspectives of its talented young dancers and choreographers. The incubation period for this edition of liTHE however, will take place over two years. Delve deep into the minds of the five choreographers as they share the first phase of their development and collaboration process in this showing.

About Re:Writing by Goh Jia Yin and Maybelle Lek

Re-Defining space. Re-Writing stories.

The pandemic has thrown a spotlight on our notion of space, how we define it, and the tensions that come with defining it. It has forced us into a ‘new normal’, where we simply have to embrace the rules and restrictions placed upon us to protect ourselves and each other to ensure our collective health and safety. We navigate through these new challenges in our choreography and tell stories of you and me — Us, as we tread the familiar and the unfamiliar. Encapsulating the idea of different chapters within a human’s sense of belonging, Re:Writing explores two disparate chapters: Home & Chaos.

About IDEAL by Zunnur Zhafirah

IDEAL is a healing offering for those of us digging into our holes - deeper and deeper into our holes of doom, making us sterile from our instincts & unable to grab on the ropes that feels like the Truth. What is Your Truth?

About This Appearance by Nah Jie Ying

Form is empty, emptiness is form.

When we pay attention, we realise that everything that arises will inevitably pass away.

So I question: where is the start and where is the end to an occurrence? Is it important, or does the momentum of an existence flow regardless?

If we experience carefully the transition of a moment, we begin to notice the very nature of its occurrence. The more we notice and reflect, the more beautiful reality can be for us.

About “Kawayan” (Tagalog term for ‘Bamboo’ in English) by Klievert Mendoza

The world is progressing at an unprecedented rate, getting more advanced every day as we humans adapt to those changes. Unfortunately, along the path of creating greatness and the pursuit of happiness, crisis and disaster follow and challenge us along the way. It may come in many forms, but all humans are definitely challenged in one way or another.

As mentioned above, we are challenged in many ways. and I aim to show our resiliency and/or struggles of getting through it.

A more fluid and flowing movement style, I am referencing the Bamboo and how even the strongest of winds are unable to break it. And I should know very well, as I have seen and experienced natural calamities that destroy homes, but still, a bamboo at the end of the day will stand strong.