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Contactless by Jos Baker (UK/Belgium)
23 & 24 Oct, 8pm

Desidium by Dimo Kirilov Milev (Bulgaria/The Netherlands)

21 Nov, 8pm
22 Nov, 7pm

This series of work-in-progress showcases international collaborations led by Dimo Kirilov Milev and Jos Baker. A first for the company, transcending physical boundaries and time zones, Milev and Baker have each been working on their own all-new creation with the dance artists of T.H.E Main Company virtually through Zoom, an experience that inevitably influences the working-concepts of their creations, Desidium (Milev) and Contactless (Baker).

About Contactless by Jos Baker

Is physicality disappearing from our world? Communication through body language and touch existed long before the development of spoken language, text or image. It is primitive, does that mean that it is no longer essential? In a future where physical travel is restricted, physical touch is banned and even physical proximity is dangerous, how does the body remain vital.

In this dystopian future (October 2020), Jos Baker and T.H.E Company will collaborate on a virtual research project culminating in a virtual presentation. The research will be centred on how to find movement expression for these questions of our time. Combining the intimate and mundane experiences of everyday life with the intricate and virtuosic abilities of the dancers’ bodies.

About Desidium by Dimo Kirilov Milev

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