《现·象 360°虚拟實境》


In-Studio Pop-Up: 23 January - 31 March  2021, weekly (Saturday) 

Venue: T.H.E Dance Company Studio

90 Goodman Rd, Blk M, #01-51

Singapore 439053

Dive into the world of PheNoumenon with T.H.E Dance Company, as we present to you Singapore’s first full-length 360° VR dance experience, created in collaboration with local immersive technology partner, Hiverlab.

As you put on the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset and plug into Creative Technology’s earphones, we invite you to immerse yourself in the narrative of the relationship between Man and the natural phenomenon that surrounds him. 

Look forward to a deeper immersion of your senses in this experience with an accompanying PheNoumenon scent designed together with local perfumery partner, Jetaime Perfumery.

With options for you to switch viewpoints, complete with 360° VR sound that utilises a head-tracking system so that you feel like you are in the space with our dance artists, this innovative and interactive contemporary dance experience will be like no other!

Limited slots are available for each session. Sign up now to avoid disappointment.

About PheNoumenon

Look out, look carefully; what do you see?

PheNoumenon, which premiered in December 2019, is founding Artistic Director Swee Boon Kuik’s follow-up creation to the well-received da:ns festival 2018 commission Invisible Habitudes, centred upon his explorative research into the twin concepts of positionality and transculturation — this time, examining the relationship between man-made and the natural phenomenon that surrounds him.

The free spirit tears away from hegemonic thinking - habits, cultures and systems which hide under the illusory cover of a prosperous modern society.

Look around, what lessons can be learnt from the socio- political, technological and climate chaos threatening to upend our entire lives?

To create a setting that truly sensitises the watcher to the urgency of his message, Kuik removes the traditional comforts of conventional seating, placing the audience squarely within the dancers’ space, thus, obliterating the safety zones that keep performer and spectator apart.

Look in, look closely; what have we become?


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