About Our Real-time Livestreaming

#THEGOESONLINE returns with the professional real-time livestreaming of our full-fledged productions this year. Here’s why.

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What is real-time livestreaming?

Real-time livestreaming is the live broadcasting of our physical, in-venue performances onto a selected streaming platform.


Unlike pre-recorded livestreaming or on-demand videos where the performance is recorded, edited and made available for playback at a later time, real-time livestreaming allows you to enjoy the experience of watching the show together with the in-venue live audience, from the comforts of your own home. In the event there is no in-venue live audience, real-time livestreaming also allows you to experience the performance in the here and now.


It is also an additional production effort on our part, as our team prepares the performance in full scale. In a hybrid production, both the in-venue audience and the real-time livestream audience are taken into consideration. Just like a live show experience in the theatre, your experience through the screen is thoughtfully curated and all camerawork is rehearsed before the actual performance too. 

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What device can I use to watch your real-time livestream?

You can watch our real-time livestreams using your desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or smart TV.


For the best home theatre experience, we recommend watching the real-time livestream on a big screen, or by connecting your computer to the TV with a HDMI cable.

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How can I get the best experience out from this real-time livestream performance?

At the moment, we are using SISTIC Live as our ticketing platform. Ensure that you have a good and stable internet connection with a download speed of at least 5 mbps, and check that your viewing device is fully charged.


You should also have your e-ticket ready. Each e-ticket will have a dedicated barcode and a SISTIC Live link which you can click to join the session on the day of the performance.


It is also helpful to be in a quiet and dark room, with good earphones or speakers.

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Can I watch the real-time livestream outside of Singapore?

Yes. SISTIC Live uses Vimeo as its streaming platform. Vimeo is available in most countries worldwide, except for China, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Indonesia, Syria, and Sudan.


Please note that the show timings listed on SISTIC’s page is in GMT +8 (Singapore) timezone.

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Can I buy the real-time livestream tickets while the performance is happening?

Sales of tickets are still available for 30 minutes after the show has commenced, so it is possible for your friends to get their tickets if you recommend the show to them after watching the first few minutes of our real-time livestream. However, we  encourage everyone to get your tickets before the show starts so that you won't miss any part of the performance. 

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Which web-browser and version should I use to watch the real-time livestream?

The real-time livestream is compatible with the following:

  • System Requirements: Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS X 10.6 or higher 

  • Supported Desktop Browsers: Google Chrome 45+, Safari 10+, Microsoft Edge 15+, Internet Explorer 11 (requires Flash plugin to be installed)

  • Supported Mobile Browsers: Chrome 45+, Safari 10+ (iOS) 

  • Internet Connection: 5-10 mbps download speed is recommended. You may check your connection at www.speedtest.net.

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Is technical support available before and during the real-time livestream?

Kindly refer to FAQs on SISTIC website for more information. Alternatively, you may contact SISTIC at (+65) 6348 5555 from Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm, Sunday and Public Holiday, 12pm to 6pm if you are facing any technical difficulties before or during the show.


The live chat function will also be enabled on SISTIC Live during the show. If you require any immediate technical assistance, feel free to type your questions in the live chat and the SISTIC support team will attend to you.


For any other enquires, you may send a WhatsApp text to T.H.E Dance Company at (+65) 8889 1473.

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Why real-time livestream?

It gives us the opportunity to connect with you in real time!


When we present shows in a hybrid mode - where we have both in-venue live audiences and real-time livestream audiences - our artists, production personnel and the entire team are mindful that we are not just connecting with our in-venue live audiences, but also with audiences from all over the world, who are watching the performance from their homes at the same time. This helps us stay in touch with our existing family, friends and long-time audiences, and it also gives us a chance to make new friends and reach new audiences, especially those who may be unable to attend the physical, in-venue show due to travel restrictions or various other reasons.

In the event that the production is only a real-time livestream without any in-venue live audiences, we are also mindful that we are connecting with our stay-home audience at every present moment.  

It is our hope that by livestreaming our performances in real-time, you’d be able to share in the sense of satisfaction, especially when you’ve been following our process of preparing for a full-fledged production and desire to experience the moments of bringing the creation into fruition together with us.


Through real-time livestreaming, we are able to share those moments with you. As you watch our dance artists on screen, we hope you'd take delight in knowing that they are physically present on stage at that very authentic moment in time - this didn’t happen yesterday or the week before; it's really happening right now. And tomorrow’s real-time livestream might not be the same as today’s, because we’re different everyday! Don't we all love the vulnerability of being in the here and now, where there are no retakes, and no edits?

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Is it possible to change devices during the real-time livestream?

We do not encourage you to change devices during the real-time livestream, as this might disrupt your experience and pose issues to your connectivity to the performance.

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Where can I purchase real-time livestream tickets to your upcoming shows?

Our current show that's still available online is Dance at Dusk.

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Can I pause the stream or watch it again later?

Unfortunately, once the real-time livestream has started, you can only watch what is happening in real-time and cannot start from the beginning.

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Will the real-time livestream be recorded?

The real-time livestream will be recorded for our own archival purposes, and for on-demand video excerpts if applicable. The recording is not for public viewing.

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Can I watch the real-time livestream on multiple devices?

Each e-ticket is restricted to one device at a time based on the barcode and SISTIC Live link found on the e-ticket.

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Can I still experience your real-time livestreams if I require additional accessibility support?

At the moment, live captioning for the deaf or hard of hearing, and audio description for the blind or vision-impaired, have been made available for both the real-time livestream shows of Dance at Dusk.


Accessibility to the audio description service will be through an app, downloaded on your own devices.


You may contact T.H.E Dance Company’s accessibility partner Access Path Productions at hello@accesspathproductions.com for any enquiries or for more information about accessibility support to this performance.

What our audiences said about our livestreams in 2020...

“I love the idea and process of the reflexivity in digital/organic world, and how it's only achievable live, which adds to the value of live-streaming. This concept is truly worth exploring and I hope more could be done with regards to this. Good job all and stay safe!”